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The Bull Rock

Home to one of the country's largest colony of Gannets

The magnificent Bull Rock is located 9km off the Beara Peninsula, standing proud out on its own in the Atlantic Ocean. It has a tunnel running straight through the centre of the rock. The island is 93 meters high 228 meters long and 164 meters wide. On the top of the rock stands a lighthouse built in 1989 following the destruction of the nearby Calf Rock destroyed in a storm!! On side of the Rock facing the coastline there are house ruins which housed lightkeepers when it was manually operated.

When you look at the dramatic location, the positions of the buildings almost dangling on the face of the rock!!! It gives you and insight to the dedication and skill of those involved in building the structures. There are three hundred steps cut into the rock to access the site. All construction supplies had to be carried by hand up these steps as it was accessed only by boat.

On my visits the sun shone, and the sea was calm but imagine a gale force wind with waves lambasting the lighthouse and dwellings this was the life of a lightkeeper!! 

There are many programmes and information available for those looking on more information.

1882 April - Work commenced on Bull Rock by landing a team of miners to the site. A total of 15,957 cubic yards of hard rock was excavated. Over 300 steps had to be cut out of the side of the rock to gain access from the boat landing to the site for the tower.

Completed in 1888, the station consisted of an octagonal lighthouse tower, dwellings for the Keepers, an oil-gas works to supply gas for the burners in the optic and an explosive fog-signal, together with steps, boat landings, derricks and hoists. The bi-form hyper-radial optic was the biggest in Ireland.

Gannets on The Bull Rock Lighthouse off Dursey Island, West Cork Ref: 2538

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