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Castletownbere Sewerage upgrade

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

A huge thank you to the crew of Glan Agua who have been working on the Castletownbere Sewerage upgrades for the last number of weeks. As we were recently renovating when they were working outside our door they couldn't have been more obliging and helpful even on occasions helping to unload the van.. Thanks also for repairing and putting everything back perfectly.. Great credit due to the traffic management and the ability to keep everything moving quickly and efficiently during the whole process.

It is fantastic for Castletownbere to finally have a new sewerage upgrade it been a long time in the pipeline (pardon the pun) it's been a huge task and a lot of upheaval to the main street, pier, and square as well as the main entrance into Castletownbere.

I’m sure everyone in the town had been dreading the chaos that we all thought may accompany the works. However, I must say it been managed fantastically, the delays were minimal, communication has been excellent and the guys couldn't have been more helpful!! They are also proceeding ahead of schedule!! Well done to all and thanks to all those involved. Thanks, also to the crew who repaired the road!!

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