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A sunrise kayak and swim this morning at Sandmount, Castletownbere, Beara, West Cork

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

A family outing this morning to watch the sunrise on the kayaks from sandmount . When the alarm goes off at 5am you question the decision, but as the kayaks were loaded from the night before, we went ahead with the plan... Wow was it worth it. We arrived at 5.40am and unloaded the kayaks and headed out. The sea was so still and calm, the reflections were beautiful.. The fog hung over Hungry Hill, the sea gulls swooped and called breaking the silence. At 6am the sun started to sneak above the fog as a great ball of fire throwing it's glow on the still water. A few selfies were a must and just enjoyed the peace and calm. Followed with a swim. We have been blessed with fantastic weather for the past two weeks . The water is absolutely tropical its so warm. Lets hope this good spell continues for a while..

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