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A wild journey through Dursey Sound

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Standing by the Dursey Cable Car, we could see a small boat struggling into the bay. Rising up and down in the swell. One minute rising up on top of the waves only to disappear out of sight only to re appear again. A few minutes later, what appears to be a barge, appears in the same fashion. I quickly set up my long lens on a tripod but visibility is poor. They slowly come closer to shore and turn into "the sound" the area of water between the main land and Dursey Island with the Cable Car wires blowing over head. The cable car remains at its station. Although the water is still wild the boats are much safer and steadier than they were approaching. It turned out that the Hanna Mary is being towed by The Ocean Navigator from Atlantic Towage & Marine to harvest mussel. Rules stipulate it must be towed if it is to be harvest in another area.

Those on the boat must have welcomed the short reprieve from the elements because as it exits the sound the boats again are submerged by waves and disappear in and out of sight.

It would you appreciate how difficult the life of those who work at sea, really is when you are standing watching this from dry land.

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