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Ardnakinna Lighthouse, Bere Island, Beara as Storm Kathleen hits Beara

Ardnakinna Lighthouse, Bere Island, Beara as Storm Kathleen hits Beara

As you all know I love storms and when Storm Kathleen arrived and hit Beara furiously during the early hours of Saturday morning. I was wondering where I would head for a few photographs. On my way down I could see the sea at the mouth of the harbour churning furiously.

Off I headed, the walk out was lovely, breezy but sheltered. The inner bay was wild but the tide was low. Anyone who knows Dunboy knows once you get close to the point it can get windy but as I came to turn towards the gate, WOW, it was absolutely crazy. The wind, the spray and the salt. The sea was crazy it was boiling, the spray coming right in and waves were topping Ardnakinna lighthouse and all the way along the shore. You could taste the salt on your lips as you battled to stay still to get your shot!

Its seldom you would see such a powerful, rough boiling sea at the mouth of the harbour at Dunboy.

Conditions for photographs were tough! The salt of the spray was coming straight into the camera and despite having wipes to clean the glass you could only manage one or two shots before starting cleaning it again. Keeping myself still with the force of the wind was also a battle.

This was at low tide I can't imagine what it would have been like if the tide was high at the time. I doubt you would have got to the point.

I enjoyed every minute of my trip to Dunboy. I must say there is something very exhilarating about a storm. Happy with the Photographs I got, I hope you enjoy them too.


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