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ESB Networks head to Dursey Island, Beara, West Cork, to replace a pole knocked in recent storms.

ESB Networks headed to Dursey Island, last week to replace a pole knocked during storm Eunice, which left Dursey Island without electricity.

They couldn't use a barge as the swell was still too great, so no machinery could be taken across, they used a shovel to dig the hole. A helicopter was arranged to get the gear and pole across.

The helicopter then carefully landed the pole into the ground to stand it.

esbnetworks ESB networks local crew Mike Cahill and Dean Henshaw were joined by Construction Supervisor John Bohane, from Dunmanway, Jim Hernman Area Manager and John McSweeney Plant john-mcsweeney-plant-equipment-hire-contractor who are contracted by the ESB were also on the ground. Margie, Dara and Owen McSweeney, Tony Connelly, Eoins Byrne and Rory O Mahony

The pole was landed into Dursey Island by helicopter and placed into the hole. It was amazing to watch the skill of the Pilot Chris Shiel hover over the ground and keep the pole still while the crew steadied it on the ground.

Well done and a huge thank you, to the crew of the ESB and all those who worked so hard, usually in tough weather conditions, to restore power to us during stormy weather.

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