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The Bull, Cow and Calf Rock, Beara West Cork with Dursey Boat Trips

It was a pleasure to take to the sea again with Paul O Shea of Dursey Boat Trips durseyboattrips You can never get tired of this trip. The day was beautiful and calm and some great company as we set off from garnish pier at 7am. On board was Peppe who was doing some pretty spectacular drone footage. .peppefotiproductions

The Bull Rock Island is located about 4 kilometers away from Dursey Island and 9 kilometers from Dursey Sound, Beara, West Cork. The rock is 93 meters high and is actually a small island. It has stunning jagged cliffs, a tunnel where boats can pass underneath and a lighthouse perched on top.

The lighthouse is the second one constructed in this location. The first was built in 1866 on the nearby Calf Rock. That lighthouse was cast iron but was destroyed by an Atlantic storm. The second was built on the Bull Rock in 1889. Bull Rock Lighthouse operated successfully for many years after. and in early 1991, it was fully automated and the Keepers were withdrawn.

The Bull Rock is home to one of Ireland's largest Colonies of Gannets and they can be seen flying, diving and sitting on the Bull Rock. The arch underneath is pretty spectacular. The Bull Rock is associated with folklore and legend and is purported to be the ‘Gateway to the Underworld’.

The Cow Rock Island is located 2.5 km from Dursey Island and lies between the Bull and Calf Rock. Another imposing structure with fantastic rock formations. The front of the Cow Rock, where the sea has cut out an arch, resembling an elephant with it‘s trunk in the water more so than a Cow as the name suggests! As you can see from the 2nd lot of photos below the back end has a large slab of rock just standing tall with a channel cut through it, one would wonder how much more pounding from the wild Atlantic this will take?

The Calf Rock is the smaller of the three Islands. Home to the original Lighthouse, which was cast iron but was destroyed by an Atlantic storm I’m 1966.

I would highly recommend this trip its magical and fascinating. To see the Bull Rock, with the steps carved into the rock and the buildings hanging on the edge of the cliff is an experience not to be missed. Book your trip here

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The Cow Rock or (Elephant Trunk)

The Calf Rock


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