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Competition Time to celebrate my new website.

COMPETITION to celebrate the launch of my WEBSITE make sure you follow ALL 3 STEPS

follow the link below to my Facebook page to enter the competition

1) Like my page, like share the Facebook post

2) Tag someone who wishes they could visit Beara right now 💞

3) Visit the my website and let me know what picture you would like them to win!!


1st Prize: ONE 16x12 FRAMED Picture

& ONE **Matching** 16x12 PRINTS

(Chosen by you in step 3 above)

2nd Prize: One 10x12 FRAMED PICTURE & ONE **Matching** 10x12 PRINTS

(Chosen by you in step 3 above)

The framed picture is for YOU & one Print ready for YOU TO SENT TO THE PERSON YOU TAG 💞 who would love to be home or would love to visit Beara..

WINNER ANNOUNCED ON JUNE BANK HOLIDAY best of luck everyone & as always THANK YOU for your support 💞 AM xx


**Each Winner will receive two identical photographs one framed for you the second one a print ready to send to your loved one (you cannot choose two different pictures)

Postage not included in the prize**


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