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Fundraiser for Castletownbere RNLI

Delighted to help this great cause!! This a lovely detailed piece of work by Sean "Dubs" and I'm sure will raise a lot of money for a worthy cause!!

Win a unique hand-crafted wood burning garden fire pit! Stay warm outside! Here is an opportunity to win a beautiful firepit which has been cleverly upcycled from a disused gas cylinder. The unique firepit has been generously donated to Castletownbere RNLI Lifeboat by Sean ‘Dubs’ O’Sullivan Lighthouse WOOD & IRON based in Castletownbere. This would be a beautiful and practical addition to any garden or patio. Tickets are on sale at €25 each and are available from Coxswain Dean Hegarty on WhatsApp – his number is 083-8080848. All proceeds will go to Castletownbere RNLI and the draw will take place on Saturday 1st May 2021. Thanks again to Sean for his very generous gesture and support. Music "The lifeboat song Home from the Sea @Liam Clancey "The Lifeboat Song"


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