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The Mare's Tail, Adrigole, Beara, West Cork

The Mare's Tail, mostly viewed as we drive into Adrigole, cascading down Hungry Hill. Its been on the "to do list" for sometime and finally got to see it,

up close and personal over the weekend!! All I can say is wow!!

The height of the Mare's Tail is 685 meters, it takes the water of Coomadavallig and Coomarkane Lake and flows through the Valley of Coomgire and into Adrigole Harbour.

The beautiful green fields of the Valley of Coomgire leading up to the Waterfall with native trees, with their wild red berries making it a fantastic walk.

Arriving at the waterfall in full flow was spectacular. The water cascading the mountain and breaking into smaller falls before reaching the river at the bottom. A lovely mountain Ash and small Hawthorn tree with their red berries added a splash of colour at the bottom.

A lovely peaceful place with just the noise of the water and a few sheep to break the silence. Magical

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